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15/11/2010 16:58:16
Re: termination of staff

Company staff start work at Apr'2010
During Apr'2010 to November 2010. He not perform good performance to company and always left showroom n don't know where he go. My boss terminated his employment on November 2010.

He din't sign any letter offer with company. If he want to report to labour office, he can get any claim from my company or not?
If he can claim , how to calculate the claim ? His pay is RM 1600 per mths.

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KL Siew
16/11/2010 08:36:33
Just let him complain first.
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26/11/2010 16:05:01
my contract ended in 30 august as a part time staff. I only got my new contract on 15 September but its only an extension from Sept- December. Then on15 November I got another letter stating again my extension of contract again and also states that my contract will not be renewed after 31 Dec. Do I have a case?
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