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15/11/2010 12:56:46
Re: Change of Rest Day

Hi Sir, 7th December is Awal Muharam, but 7th December 2010 is not classified under our company public holiday.

Currently, we have quite a number of employees will be taking leave on 7th December 2010. The company decided to treat 5th December 2010 as normal day instead of rest day. This means that all employees are required to come on 5th December 2010 as a "normal day". Whereas 7th December 2010 will classify as a Rest day, if any employees resume to work, the company will pay double pay. Is this lawful? TQ!

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KL Siew
15/11/2010 15:29:38
If everybody agreed with that arrangement, I think there should not be any problem.
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