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12/11/2010 09:39:47


One of employee delivered baby but unfortunately baby died and after 30 minutes the mother (our employee) died too.

What about her salary (maternity leave) ? Is she still entitle ?
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KL Siew
12/11/2010 14:53:31
Please be guided by the following section of the Employment Act.

39. Payment of allowance to nominee on death of female employee.

If a female employee, after giving notice to her employer that she expects to be confined, commences her maternity leave and dies from any cause during the eligible period, her employer or any employer who would have been, but for the death of the female employee, liable to pay any maternity allowance shall pay to the person nominated by her under section 41 or, if there is no such person, to her legal personal representative, an allowance at the rate calculated or prescribed as provided in section 37(2) from the day she commenced her maternity leave to the day immediately preceding her death.
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