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11/11/2010 06:08:22
Re: Bond

i am currently employed with a one year bond for a one week induction training given. i'm currently on my third month of my probation and my employer is not happy with my performance. they are transferring me to another position which is paying lower than my current salary.

my question is ;

1. is the bond valid? if i were to leave before the one year contract, do i have to pay? even it's just for induction training?

2. Is it legal, what my company is doing? transferring me to another position even before my probation period ends because they are not satisfied with my performance?
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KL Siew
11/11/2010 11:31:13
1. You better show the bond to a lawyer and get his advice.
2. I think the company has the right to deploy their employees to some more suitable positions. If it is a reduction of rank and salary, then you may complain to the Labour Department or the IR Department.
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