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10/11/2010 23:55:58
Re: Fix employee annual leave on 2011

Dear Sir,

If we look at next year calendar, where few public holidays like
- Chinese new year (3/2 thu, 3/3 fri)
- Hari Raya (30/8 tue, 31/8 wed)

Can employer 'force'/ask employee to take their annual leave on
- 4/3 sat
- 29/8 mon

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KL Siew
11/11/2010 11:22:40
Actually, you can't please everyone. When they are not allowed to take leave, even no pay leave, some will complain, when they are asked to take leave, some will also complain. I think just follow the majority. If most of the staff have no problem with that, follow them and enjoy a good holiday with family and friends. Plan the holidays ahead.
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