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10/11/2010 19:31:48
Re: labour law question


KL Siew

got few question want to ask for advice ,

1)employee above 60 year old can apply EPF & SOCSO?
2)Can delay payment for overtime ?(example :pay on 15th/month )
3)Foreign worker Is entitled to annual leave, sick leave?


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KL Siew
10/11/2010 20:25:16
1. You should ask EPF and SOCSO about it. As far as I know, those who have withdrawn their EPF can still opt to contribute to EPF. As for SOCSO, the employer must cover them but contribution would be paid only by the employer.
2. Calculation of overtime takes time especially when there are many employees doing overtime work. It is not quite possible to pay together with their normal salary.
3. Yes, they are entitled.
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11/11/2010 09:40:58

Answers for no.3)

i. They (the foreign workers) are human being.
ii. They are also 'employee'.
ii. They work for the company.
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