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09/11/2010 08:29:23
Re: Foreign worker died due to Heart Attack

Hi Sir, If we have a foreign worker who recently join Malaysia about 2 months plus, he passed away due to heart attack. Do we need to inform Labour office? Our Casket & funeral Services agent advised me that no necessary to inform Labour Office. Need your advice please. Thanks!
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KL Siew
09/11/2010 09:55:39
I presume you have done all the needful like reporting to the police, informing his next of kin, informing the employment agency, post mortem if not died while in hospital and so on. Reporting to the Labour Office is not necessary.
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09/11/2010 12:05:52
Yes, I had reported to police, informed next of kin & Recruitment agency and I do received the post mortem report form Doctor. In fact he was died at hostel suddenly. Thank you!
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