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05/11/2010 18:34:20
Re: Termination of employee who had been working for >13 years in the company

It is regarding a staff who had been working in the company for >10 years. She is almost 50 years old now and her attitute is very rude and sometimes do not respect to her immediate superior at all.

She is earning >RM4k a month but tasks assigned to her are mostly clerical works (ie. capturing billings into system, checking supporting, preparing payment voucher , issuing cheques, filling and etc) However, she always unable to complete the assigned tasks on timely basis to meet our HQ reporting deadline and always claiming that the volume of work is too much for her. We found out that the actual problem is due to her own efficiency level as she used to work at slow pace. She even challenged that either the company find someone to assist her or replace her.

She is indeed a burden for the company and I wonder if the company would like to terminate her, will she be entitle for the termination benefit calculated based on the No. of years she had been employed by the company ? or 2 months notice in lieu as mentioned in the company's handbook ?

If the company had been given her 3 warning letters, can the company dismiss her without paying her for any notice in lieu ?
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KL Siew
06/11/2010 10:16:52
You do what you have to do. If you think you have strong case against her, hold a domestic inquiry and make the necessary decision. But whatever punishment you may give, right or wrong, she still has the right to challenge it.
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