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03/11/2010 11:39:43
Re: Propation period - pregnant

Hi, KL Siew,
i joint my current company on 28 Jun 2010, salary RM2600, and position as chief editor. Our company propation period is 3-6 months.
now i realize i pregnant for 10 weeks (2months)

I been employed 4 months 6 days, so far company satisfied my working performance. But i m worried company will terminate me because i m pregnant under probation period, so i havent declare to company i m pregnant.

Even though u said, "Don't ever try to terminate the service of female employee just because she is pregnant irrespective she is under probation or otherwise. " Tthat is possible company will deliarately give cause and excuse (may be small micro mistake) to terminate me, since my employer is very STINGY SME chinese company!

My question is:
1. What can i do to protect myself from termination with their deliberately gives excuse?
2. Do i need declare to company i m pregnant?
3. i stll in probation period, am i entitle annual leave?
4. Selangor have 15/16 days public holidays, but company only admit 12days public holidays per year. Is it legal?

Thanks & regards,
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KL Siew
03/11/2010 12:52:56
In the US, they say "don't ask, don't tell", have you heard of that? So, you just don't say anything about your pregnancy and continue working as usual.

Since you salary is over RM1500, you are not covered by the Employment Act. So, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, holidays should go according to what are stated in the appointment letter/contract of service.
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