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11/02/2010 20:44:54
Re: 24hours resignation

I've worked in a firm for almost 8 years now. The firm from a sole proprietor have became partnership owners 2 years back. Our new boss is to handle/manage the firm as the other partner, former sole-owner settle down in overseas and will be back once in a while. Our new boss, he is the hot tempered person and will be shouting for even small matter He gets angry very fast and like to say/do things which hurts our feeling, otherwise he is okay but the problem now, I've taken an emergency leave today and informed he about it via sms but at about 3.30pm he called me and shouted about a cheque which supposed to be cash out today. Even when I told him I didn't leave the cash cheque outside (on my table) since it was a cash cheque so i kept it inside the office save, he was very annoyed. I even told him that I could come to office if he want me to but he shouted back "for what? just leave it!". This was not the first time he did this to me. Whenever i took leave, let it be el, mc or annual, he will do this me as though that thing (whatever it is) can't wait another day. So at that very moment got really upset and angry, when to see him and handed all my office key and all the cheque books inside the save to him and told him, I'm resigning 24hrs tomorrow itself and ask him to let me know how much do i have to pay the firm tomorrow. The other boss from overseas called up and advise me not to give 24hrs notice but to work 4 one more month and see how things go and take it from there. But I do know that his partner over here going is going to make my life miserable if I continue working there, because he have done it to another staff earlier but poor guy can't leave due to his family situation, he was 55+ and can't afford to loose job and find a new one. Another staff, a bit smart found a better job and tendered her one month notice and leaving tomorrow. I need your advise desperately.... please help.
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KL Siew
11/02/2010 21:23:06
It is always bad to do thing in the heat of the moment. That can cause a lot of anxiety to the family. Let see what your hot tempered boss has to say tomorrow. Let the oversea boss be the mediator. You just cannot suddenly leave without a job unless you have enough resources of your own to see things through.
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nurulfarahin osman
12/02/2010 20:31:59
I've worked in the company almost 15 years. Recently my OD not satisfied due to some error that i did. which is did not include the output which i have to suposed to report but report the output on the next day. He used this as a very seroius offence and told that i ve been cheating and reporting the false reports. In fact the output were totally no discrepancies. He used my last warning letter ti hint to me that i might be terminated because of the report. will i get terminated ? i did not submit the false report. But shifting the report to the next day. The efficiency still high and the shipment were on time. if i get terminated, what should i do? should i request for DI?
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KL Siew
12/02/2010 21:31:25
You don't do anything, just let him take whatever action he wants. If he were to terminate your service, you may complain to the Industrial Relations Department. At the moment just continue working as usual.
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