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03/11/2010 07:20:53
Re: Urgent- Need Help

Hi, I have just join a company then on the 3rd day I resign, the offer letter stated a month notice period or pay in lieu. I cant pay the 1 month salary so I tender by giving a month notice. They left me sit aside & do nothing or just help out with some paper work, but then out of sudden, today, they ask me to leave cause I have nothing to do.(I start work on 21/10, then tender on 26/10, 3/11 today they ask me to leave.)

I went to look for job & got an offer which start on december cause of the 1 month notice. I'm frastrated cause I could have start new job this month, if the new job unable to let me to start immediately, I'll be jobless on this month & I need the income.

Can you please advice what document I should sign before I leave so that they wont have the right to ask me pay back the 1 month salary? Cause they never give me an official letter that stated my last day.

Please help. Thank you.
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KL Siew
03/11/2010 09:40:37
Ask them to give you a letter if they want you to leave by today. Don't leave on your own without that letter.
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