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01/11/2010 17:37:52
Re: When shall company pay me when i resign?

I resigned from my ex-company on 16th July 2010. Three months notice given as stated in the employment letter. Until today (1st November 2010), they haven't pay me my October salary. They claimed that the cheque will be ready this Wednesday (3rd November 2010). By the way, my last working day is 15th October 2010.

Is it a MUST that I have to go collect my cheque personally? Can I ask them to bank in for me? As i just talked to the finance department, they seems not willing to bank in for me.

Thank you~
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KL Siew
02/11/2010 17:18:03
If they don't want to bank in for you, I think the easiest way is to go and get the cheque from them.
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