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01/11/2010 11:41:33
Re: deducted RM 100 for 3 times late by 5-10mins


My basic is RM 2000 and My 1 day salary is RM2000/22days = 90.90, my company deducted RM 100 for 3 times late by 5-10mins. That mean they deducted my 1day salary.. my letter of offer did't mention anything on the late chargers.

Do you think tis is legal to cut my 1 day salary ?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You.

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KL Siew
01/11/2010 14:01:57
Do you think it is legal to come late for work? If you say it is legal to come late then I would agree it is not legal to cut salary.
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01/11/2010 17:55:29
Dear Sir,

Yes i do agree tat i came in late wic is not good and not encourage.

yes i know tat my employer can deduct money from my paycheck for late to work. However,can they cut my 1day salary ?

I agree if they only deduct the wages that i would have earned during the time lost while i were late.

Hope to hear From you soon wt Reasonable answer sir.

Thank you
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KL Siew
01/11/2010 19:57:01
You must remember coming late for work is a disciplinary issue and not just a matter of deduction of salary for the amount of time of being late. It can result in disciplinary action taken against the offender who may face the consequences as mentioned in Section 14 of the Employment Act as follow:

"14. Termination of contract for special reasons.

(1) An employer may, on the grounds of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of his service, after due inquiry:

(a) dismiss without notice the employee; or

(b) downgrade the employee; or

(c ) impose any other lesser punishment as he deems just and fit, and where a punishment of suspension without wages is imposed, it shall not exceed a period of two weeks."

In fact, there are quite a number of discussion in this forum about lateness and the latest is from a query raised by Jess dated 22/10/2010 under Lateness Deduction.

Anyway, if you still think the deduction is not lawful and explanation not reasonable, feel free to make a complaint at the Labour Department.
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