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30/10/2010 14:47:44
Re: Sick Leave pay or not if claim socso

EA Section 60F(4)
No employee shall be entitled to paid sick leave for the period during which the employee is entitled to maternity allowance under Part IX, or for any period during which he is receiving any compensation for disablement under the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1952, or any periodical payments for temporary disablement under the Employees Social Security Act, 1969.

We have an employee joined on 2 Nov 2010, Store Supervisor (Salary above RM1500)who met an accident on 16/8/2010 till now still coma (admitted since 16/8/2010 till now). Doctor gave MC till 1/3/2011, and we have submitted claim form to socso, socso claim still under processing. My question are:

1) as per EA Section 60F(4), we no need to pay him from 16/8/2010 onwards right?
2) since his family member have not receive any $ from Socso, do we need to pay him as per
3) as per EA Section 60F (bb) the total hospitalisation leave is 60 days (this 60 days included sick leave) per calendar year, right?

Please help! Thank you very much in advance for your kind advise.
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KL Siew
30/10/2010 15:00:18
1. You are right.
2. You go personally to SOCSO office to find out the current status of the case, why no half monthly payments paid out etc. It is the responsibility of the employer to monitor the case.
3. You are right.
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31/10/2010 09:36:09
Thanks a lot!
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