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29/10/2010 00:28:35
Re: Salary Deduction in view of Uncollected Bill after Resignation

Dear Mr. Siew,

I have couple of questions:

1) My salary is around RM2000 plus and I have problem as above. Am I covered by any of Labour Laws in Malaysia and if not could you advise me what to do?

2) Problem scenario:

Supposed to get customer's official confirmation to make payment before issuing cheque on behalf of customer. However, the customer refused to make some of itemise payment after sales done . I also unable to retrieve the official confirmation from the customer on my side.

But i did advise my boss about it and he agreed to take up the matter to solve it and never say about any loss compensation and salary deduction. This was happenned in early 2010.

Now that I recently resigned and my salary was deducted as to pay the loss and since the amount is more the company requested me to pay the balance as well.

Oh ya, the cheque issuance required Hq approval before could be proceeded at my level. Thus i assumed it's a collective management exercise instead of my only own personal negligence.

My question, can the company request me to compensate the loss? and notifying me on the deduction only after I left the company which i feel very unfair since it was happened long time ago.

Thank you.

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KL Siew
29/10/2010 08:04:13
Ya, at first look, that deduction appears to be not in order. You may try your luck at the Labour Office. Hope they can use the power under Section 69B of the Employment Act to help you as it involves salary matters.

"69B. Additional powers of Director-General to inquire into complaints.

(1) Notwithstanding the provision of this Act, the powers of the Director-General under section 69(1)(a) shall extend to employees whose wages per month exceed 1,500.00 ringgit but does not exceed 5000.00 ringgit...."
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02/11/2010 22:17:50
Thank you Mr Siew.
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