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26/10/2010 17:24:02
Re: Salary Pay Date

Hi Mr Siew, Our salary pay date is 6th of every month

In conjunction with the festival of Deepavali, i.e. Friday (5/11/2010), Subsequently Bank won't open on Saturday & Sunday. We afraid we might not be able to complete (300 employees manual punch cards) the October 2010 payroll on time. Can a company issue a memo to inform all employees that the October 2010 salary will be paid only on 8th November 2010. Is this against the law? Please advise! Thanks a lot!

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KL Siew
26/10/2010 17:41:25
Ask for permission from the Labour Department.

EA19......."Provided that if the Director-General is satisfied that payment within such time is not reasonably practicable, he may, on the application of the employer, extend the time of payment by such number of days as he thinks fit."
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16/11/2010 23:02:34
Is it acceptable to receive my salary on the 8th in the past 4 months I've been working?Plus its only my salary which is being put in late compared to all other employees.Please advice.Thank you.
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