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25/10/2010 11:37:56
Re: Staff Forged as Team Lead

Hi sir,

I have a case whereby one of my senior staff has forged as the team leader to help two other colleagues to fill in the reference forms to the new employer. the reference form is attached and sent through the company email address which is caught by the IT department who manages the email. Apparently the email is attached with the reference filled forms for the two staffs in the department

I would like to you to advice:
1) If I want to take action on the so-called team leader for using company email for non-business related matters, is this ok?
2) what is the course of action that i can take on the team lead-> the team lead has been given warning letter before but regarded to other matters?
3) is the company able to terminate the employee based on the reason above which the company actually consider as a major misconduct on the integrity.
4) for the two staffs who actually asking the so-called team lead to help them in lying, is there any course of action that can be taken on them?

*All are over RM1.5k salary. Not under employment act.
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KL Siew
25/10/2010 12:47:10
I would not want to go into the details. Since you have used the word "forged" and also considered it as a major misconduct, you can if you so wish, do a DI and make the necessary decision.
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