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04/01/2010 17:46:38
Re: Appointment Letter

Is the Letter of Appointment is a must when hiring worker?
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KL Siew
04/01/2010 19:48:42
It is a must under The Employment Regulations as follow. Read up the Regulations for detailed info.

(b) Details of terms and conditions of employment:

(1) Name of employee and National Registration Identification Card No:

(2) Occupation or appointment;

(3) Wage rates (excluding other allowances);

(4) Other allowances payable and rates;

(5) Rates for overtime work;

(6) Other benefits (including approved amenity and service);

(7) Agreed normal hours of work per day;

(8) Agreed period of notice for termination of employment orwages in lieu;

(9) No. of days entitlement to holidays and annual leave with pay;

(10) Duration of wage period;
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05/01/2010 09:09:30
Thanks a lot for your kind assistant.
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10/03/2010 18:16:20
do i consider as the company's employee if i didn't get any appointment letter and work 6 months with epf & socso registered and i do get my monthly salary pay slips?

how if now the employer terminate me with immediately effect and do i qualify to claim against employee's benefits / rights if my basic salary is rm 2k?
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