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Sam Lina
25/07/2009 01:36:48
Re: resignation (URGENT)

i started to work in a company since 2nd of January, with the basic of rm800 per month + commissions
here i have a few questions:

1: I inquired of my manager about my confirmation letter for few times after 3 months i worked in that company and until today my company didnt give me any response whether oral or in writing and whether express or implied, my manager just told me that if i was deemed as a permanent staff i'll have to give 1 month notice if i wan to resign, does it mean that i'm still under probation period and if i wan to resign, do i have to give 4 weeks notice to my company?

2: i informed my manager today on 24th of July that i'm goin to resign in the end of this month which is 31st of July, is it possible for me to do that as i havent recieve any confirmation as a permanent staff?

3: And i was told by my manager that if i do so, i would not get any of my salary paid for this month, that means 1 month free works, do they have the right to forfeit my salary in this case?

Thanks so much for advice!
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KL Siew
25/07/2009 10:05:50
1. If there is no agreed period of notice for termination of service, you will have to give 4 weeks notice irrespective whether you are confirmed or not confirmed.

2. You should give 4 weeks notice.

3. Yes, your employer can refuse to pay your July salary as they will hold it as indemnity in lieu of your short notice.
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