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pong yi
24/07/2009 13:16:52
Re: Socso

Dear Mr Siew,

My frens employer didnt contribute socso for him for past 3 years. The officer from socso department had found out when they do the routine checking. Later the officer had issued a deman letter to my frens employer asking for the payment on the due contribution. But dont know why this case stil unlsoved till today. As what i know if the employer still failed to pay the said contribution, the socso department should have to take action against the employer, right?

Thanks & regards.
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KL Siew
24/07/2009 13:45:58
If you friend is now covered with SOCSO, then it should be alright. From the payslip of your friend, he should know whether SOCSO contribution was deducted from his salary. If nothing happened, then your friend may have to bring the matter up with SOCSO.
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