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24/07/2009 11:06:55
Re: Probation period and confirmation letter

1. Labour law stated that it applies only to workers drawing a monthly salary below RM 1500 (I think now covers up to RM 5000 for certain aspects). How about those earning more than that? What law is applicable then?

2. Probation period of 6 months. Now, it has passed over the period by another 4-5 months but the company never provides you any confirmation letter nor you being issued any extension of probation letter, are you deemded to be a permanent staff? I know labour law stated that you are still considered under probation period but if you are not in the labour law scale, how? During this whole period, annual leaves has been granted for few times.
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KL Siew
24/07/2009 11:32:24
1. For matters involving money, you go to civil court. For dismissal cases, you can approach the Industrial Relations Department.

2. The info in may of some help.
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loo chin yew
18/07/2010 12:32:41
what if no letter of employment is given?
how does a dismissal during the probation period applies?
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