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23/07/2009 00:00:23
Re: Deduction for lateness

Can the company deduct my salary because of my lateness?
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23/07/2009 00:16:10
Provided such exercise has been announced officially and no objection from staff prior to the implementation.
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23/07/2009 18:27:51
Labor ordinance provides that we are allowed to deduct from an employee all lawful deductions. The question is, late for work a lawful deduction?
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KL Siew
23/07/2009 22:13:10
Siti and Michael, when you come late for work you have not fulfill your part of the contract. No pay for no work, I think it is fair, discipline aside. Don't expect to be paid for coming late. To me, it is not a deduction of salary, it is that you have not earned the salary. If you were to complain to the Labour Department, I don't think they will say it is illegal deduction under Section 24 of the EA.

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