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Affendi Ahmad
22/07/2009 11:28:50
Re: Re. Annual Leave & Unpaid Leave (taken course further study)

I have actually enrolled for further out campus study under own expenses. The course is related to my current work and will be beneficial to company as well. The problem is the some of the class/tutorial is on Saturday morning (Saturday is half day working hrs) and the company ask me apply for annual leave and unpaid leave when all my annual leave fully been used.
I have request for working hours replacement instead of taken the annual leave but has not been approved by company. The reason is 'as service industries, everyday is important even on Sat.'
I feel unfair me as if I work on Saturday is only 4hrs but now my 1day annual leave gone and I have to complete my course for 2 1/2 years. Means there is no more annual leave for me anymore. Pls help where can refer of this problems.
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Affendi Ahmad
22/07/2009 13:11:53
Any suggestion? for me tu use as an option to the company instead of taken an annual leave.
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KL Siew
22/07/2009 13:16:42
I am afraid that is something you have to work out with your employer. Is it possible for you to ask for 5-day week with a reduced salary?
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22/07/2009 13:28:54
I personally suggest the following:

1) Ask your management to set a time frame for you to prove that your job is not affected with you off on saturdays. During this period, you are taking annual leave for those saturdays. Of coz, you must justify your performance with extra hard work from Monday to Friday. Hopefully they will accept your request to change to 5 day week then... without a pay cut.

2) Look for another 5 day week job.

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Affendi Ahmad
22/07/2009 13:29:52
Thanks, that one of good idea. It seem that this company is not encourage staff to enhance the knowledge.

Anybody who have any other ideas, Kindly advise me. Thanks
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Affendi Ahmad
22/07/2009 13:35:37
Thanks Siew & CK

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23/07/2009 10:44:43
Another option would be to suggest to your company for you to be bonded to your company for an agreed period of time since the course you are taking is beneficial to your current work/company. Hopefully with this win-win situation, your company will allow you a more flexible working schedule.
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29/09/2010 11:25:36
on my suggestion you can work on 5 days working hours, to complete the 48 hours but if your jobs needs to attend on saturday thats going to be a problem,,
Company have the rights for what they doing to you rite now..
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