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21/07/2009 14:52:15
Re: Overtime

Hi! Siew,

My Office work 5 days per week and 9 hours per day (including 1 hour rest). Question is :
1) staff work OT at saturday (off day) e.g. 8 hours, is that correct if i use (basic / 26 / 9 hrs ) x 1 x 8 ?
2) if staff works more than 5 hrs (OT) during off day and can the HR deduct 1 hour for rest o force them to rest for 1 hour?

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21/07/2009 16:01:08
1) Yes. But most of the company would use (basic / 26) x no. of OT saturdays, without breaking down into hourly.

2) HR shall declare a 1 hour (min.30 minutes) rest for every 5 consecutive working hours. But you need not to force them to rest if they show the initiative to work during that 1 hour.
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21/07/2009 17:31:55
As such, if the staff pay is exceed RM1,500.00, can the company set a fixed OT rate e.g. to set flat to 1.5 for all OT done in off day, rest day / PHD ?
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21/07/2009 23:00:12
Yes. Some companies (especially factories) practise a flat OT rate.
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