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19/07/2009 15:10:19
Re: salary adjustment

i'm a new teacher of independence chinese high school, recently, the sch had said that our salary will be adjusted next year, but somehow there are a few new teahers who are employed last may...and their salary are already adjusted to the new salary which mean that they already getting pay the new salary which we, the other teachers will only get to pay with the new salary by next january 2010. i feel like its not fair to the school authorities have the right for this matter? pls help...what can we do to protect our rights?
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KL Siew
19/07/2009 16:20:59
That is something you should take up with the school management. I really can't think of anyone that can help you in such a matter.
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20/07/2009 10:35:00
You can raise your question to PIBG.
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