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19/07/2009 13:58:25
Re: Compensate

I have signed an appointment letter with my preivous co.(A) and content of agreement stated that if I resign within three (3) years, I have to compensate A co. for three (3) months salary. Since I resigned after i worked only for two (2) months, and there are three (3) months probation. Since i have already compensate one (1) month salary, do i still have to compensate another two months?
Plus, i have worked for one month OT and yet they didn't pay to me.
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KL Siew
19/07/2009 16:15:36
I don't know, have they taken action to recover the money from you yet? If so. just wait for the outcome. If they have not taken action, just keep quiet about it.
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20/07/2009 10:31:43
I've seen the similar clauses practised in beauty and slimming industry. It sounds a little unfair to the employees. But I don't think the company will take further action on you, as it is just a clause to deter the employees from resigning easily.
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