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18/07/2009 16:49:50
Re: Annual Leave Revoke!

hi!, I have read your threads and find it very helpful. Though, i also tried to find the answer to what i have in mind.. I'm gonna be a little detailed, so please bare with me.

-HR Head release a MEMO to foreign workers to sign and acknowledge..
Note: MEMO dont have any of the HR people's signature before & after we signed.

- Annual Leave of foreign worker will be on hold Indefinitely until further notice.
-Company have the right to implement as per Malaysia labor law
-Annual Leave can take only within Malaysia and not convertible to cash.
-One foreign worker didnt come back after the his leave and didnt finish the contract.
-Compassionate Leave may approve with supporting documents..

1. Is Malaysia labor law of local here and foreigner have any difference?
2. Do I have to wait for a family member to die before they let us to take leave?
3. The reason i want take leave is i wanna be with my family, what will i do with the leave that can only be use in malaysia?.. Is there such a thing?
4. Please dont get me wrong i dont anything against this country I love it here its just i wanna be with my little daughter and my wife.
5. Lastly, can you give me some of your personal opinion about the Memorandum i wrote here..

Thank YOu

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KL Siew
18/07/2009 17:35:23
Certain rulings like annual leave on hold indefinitely and can be taken only within Malaysia, are quite unusual. I don't quite understand the real problems behind it. I best thing you can do is to approach the Labour Department see whether they can help to look into the matter. No point of my commenting without knowing the real issue.
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23/07/2009 16:52:50
hi siew,

the issue im concerned with is my right to take my annual leave to go back to my country of origin which is very clear indicated in our contract. They will only allow us to take leave within Malaysia, is that a freakin joke? Their the one keeping my passport which is again a violation in Malaysian law..
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