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17/07/2009 15:48:38
Re: Employer reduce employee salary

Hi there,
Do employer can deduct or reduce the employee salary by reason the employee not perform well ?? salary from Rm 3,000.00 reduce to RM 2,400.00. this asking in the doing appraisal time, asking can accept or I need re-propose back to company. what can i do??
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KL Siew
17/07/2009 17:01:24
You mean your employer wanted to reduce your salary because the appraisal did not give you good marks? If so, that is something you have to decide for yourself i.e. to accept or not. If you want to keep your job, you can also propose to your boss not to deduct so much and promise to improve your performance.
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25/07/2009 14:39:10
So odd, no increment perhaps but reducing salary...think wisely. Ask your self if how important you are in the company...Then you can do bargain with them. But make it sure you do your own evaluation to your self.
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