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17/07/2009 10:11:09
Re: Sick Leave


My understand that staff working less than 2 years is entitle 14 days of sick leave. But now my doubt is if the staff already finished her leave lets say in July 09 and that staff is taking sick leave again due to her pregnancy, can this still consider as sick leave ? if yes, how many days she still entitle for it? For your info., she will only due for deliver on September 2009..
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KL Siew
17/07/2009 10:27:42
You mean she has finished her annual leave or sick leave in July? If she has finished all her 14 days sick leave, then it will be no pay leave after that
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20/07/2009 12:10:22
I have a staff work with us since 22nd October 2009. Basically, I did not carry forward her sick leaves over the years. Recently in July, she has a fractured foot and was advised to rest at home for 1 month. Please advise what is her actual sick leave entitlement?
Thanks and regards.
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KL Siew
22/07/2009 12:14:27
Amy, sick leave need not be carried forward. Her sick leave will just be her entitlement for the calendar year.
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cyndi yoong
22/07/2009 16:13:51
hi, i hav a case, that i have a staff that having asma, that he admmit to hospital 4 over 1 weeks, then he would like to claim for his bill at about rm 120++++++, but in my company law that staff can only claim 4 they resit for only RM30 per resit.
am I entitle him to claim that resit ???????
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