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16/07/2009 12:38:42
Re: Trade Union

Company is unionised since 1972. Initially about 250 members and now only left about 70 members. Is there any way company can dissolve the union (NUPCIW)?
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16/07/2009 13:05:35
Please consult a lawyer as the dissolution may tie in a lot of fringe legal issues.
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KL Siew
16/07/2009 14:19:53
To Annie: You have to consult the Trade Union Affairs Department. They are the ones in charge of such matter.
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23/07/2009 14:11:45
To disolve the Union, the Union have to make the move. They have to write to DGTU saying that they want to disolve.
The Company must carry on with Collective Barganing and Collective Agreement even they have 1 member left.
The Company can write to DGTU to disolve the Union if the union cease to have any members.
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