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16/07/2009 10:45:00
Re: maternity Leave

if someone going for maternity leave 60days. Should company ask for the certificate maternity leave when she back to work? or we just record base on baby certificate. which section for labour raw say must have certificate leave?
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16/07/2009 12:38:01
It is good to get a maternity cert, but as long as you have given a 60 day advance notice to your employer, it should be fine. Even if the HR asks for a maternity cert after your maternity leave, I don't think it is a problem to get one from the doctor. Bear in mind that every company may have their own policy other than labour law to abide by.

"Sec. 40 (2) A female employee shall within a period of sixty days immediately preceding her expected confinement notify her employer of it and the date from which she intends to commence her maternity leave ..."

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KL Siew
16/07/2009 14:16:07
To Cris: The most you can do is to give HR a copy of the birth certificate to prove a birth had taken place. But hospital usually gives a medical certificate to that effect. You can always consult the hospital.
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