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16/07/2009 10:27:13
Re: Termination based on personal issues

To what extent can a superior go to to have you terminated if he/she has a personal grudge against you? What are the possible legal ways of getting around it.
Also, what constitutes as unlawful dismissal? I would like to know how to protect myself as some of my colleagues are experiencing difficulties in the workplace and the fire is burning closer to me.

Salary above 1500.
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16/07/2009 12:09:54
3 questions:
1) Did you deliver as per your job description?
2) Any warning letter prior to the termination?
3) Are you a confirmed staff?
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16/07/2009 14:34:32
1: Yes I performed well as per my JD. Client feed back at every appraisal is good. Top scoring.

2: I have not been terminated yet. But i sense they are finding excuses. I was called in and lectured by the MD of my company (dept head never talks to me or even tried to approach me) on how the picture i submitted for the company profile was inappropriate. No, it wasn't anything wrong or illegal.

3: I am a confirmed permanent staff working for 2 years since last april.
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16/07/2009 15:41:10
I think the problem here is not your gut feel that you will be fired. But rather how you are going to work together with your direct superior. Try to have an open heart talk with him/her rather than challenging him by escalating the issue to the management. He is definitely the greatest influencer to your destiny in a company. Get HR involve if you still can't crack the nut after an open heart talk with him/her. Just don't worry about the possible dismissal, as you did nothing wrong. Cheers.
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