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16/07/2009 09:24:33
Re: Transfer

I am a permanent employee and work for company RD which is an MNC. Currently, our whole global division is seconded to another entity, SS which also belongs to RD(100%).

However, SS has a different set of T&C than all other entities which belong to RD. We were informed that after a certain time frame, we will be officially transferred to SS. At that time, we need to adopt their T&C.

SS's salary scales are much lower than the RD's scales. I am looking at a salary cut of 50% if I accept the transfer. There will be a small joining fee (VSS rates) to do so. I can look for another job in RD, failing which I must inform whether i accept the VSS to be made redundant or Joining fee (similar amount) for the official transfer to SS.

The jobs we are currently performing will not be redundant and will still exist.

Not everyone is affected by the drastic change in salary cut. Staff in IT who are also in my job group will still enjoy RD salary scales. Those on certain higher job groups still enjoy RD salary scales also.

Those affected by change of T&C will not only suffer reduction of salary but reduction in EPF, less annual leave and other benefits that are now enjoyed in RD.

I suspect that this change is not legal but the management said that this has been approved by their in-house legal team. Can you help advise us better? There are approximately 100+ staff affected here.
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KL Siew
16/07/2009 09:47:29
For me, if the joining fee is the same as that in the VSS, I would take the money and join SS at lower pay. After that I would start looking for a job elsewhere. Anyway, you don't have to accept my views.

Seriously, I think you should consult the Industrial Relations Department. Have a talk with one of the senior officers as quite a large number of staff was involved.
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