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15/07/2009 11:57:40
Re: Reply on how to calculate bonus

Dear Siew,

If the previous staff have deduct out the SOCSO from the bonus wat should i do now?

many thanks....
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KL Siew
15/07/2009 12:04:27
If the amounts have already been paid to SOCSO, consult SOCSO whether the money can be returned.
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15/07/2009 15:40:41
In the first place, was the money deducted from bonus being paid to SOCSO? Or just being retained by the management?
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15/07/2009 17:22:33
To CK,

the money has been paid to socso
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16/07/2009 13:29:43
If that's the case, you may write to SOCSO requesting for the amount over paid to be offset with the SOCSO contribution of the coming months. As I am pretty sure that this is the most possible refund method SOCSO will accept.
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