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14/07/2009 12:38:03
Re: Appointment Letter

Does the company will kena penalty if company forgot to issue appoinment letter to staff? (And the staff doesn't ask the appointment letter from company)
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14/07/2009 14:24:02
The appointment letter is meant to safeguard both employee and employer. In the case of an unfair dismissal, the employee without an appointment letter is usually on the losing side. Saman for not issuing appointment letter? I don't think so.
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19/07/2009 13:56:24
I have signed an appointment letter with my preivous co.(A) and content of agreement stated that if I resign within three (3) years, I have to compensate A co. for three (3) months salary. Since I resigned after i worked only for two (2) months, and there are three (3) months probation. Since i have already compensate one (1) month salary, do i still have to compensate another two months?
Plus, i have worked for one month OT and yet they didn't pay to me.
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