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10/07/2009 00:18:14
Re: Termination during probation period

My co. terminated me few days ago & I'm still under probation period.

My probation period is due on 22/7.They never issue me any warning letter and never provide me training.There's no reason stated in the termination letter for their act.

They did performance appraisal last month & put it in a written form which dated end of June.My college told me that the co. extended his probation few times so i was wondering why the co. being so unfair by practicing double standard .

My concerns are :

a) Since I'm not a confirmed staff, do i enjoy the same rights as other confirmed staffs?

b) My salary was above RM3,000 so m i covered under Industrial Relations Act 1967?

c) My purpose is not aim for reinstatement but compensation, is that possible?

d) Could the performance appraisal letter constitute warning letter?

Thanks so much for yr advice.
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KL Siew
10/07/2009 09:58:31
In your case, you can make a claim for reinstatement at the Industrial Relations Department. Reinstatement first and the question of compensation can be brought up later during discussion.
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14/07/2009 16:41:17
Thanks for yr prompt reply!
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