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09/07/2009 18:20:52
Re: verbal warning and writtien warning


1) does verbal warning produces letters? what's the difference with written warning letter

2) should show cause letters comes in rather than verbal explanation with the superior for show cause of an offense

3) Should company hire you for specific functions and stated in signed job description (JD's) and the superior failed to gave us the task and then despite reminds the superior still couldn't get the job function in place. then when other worker complaints that me don't have things to do and one fine day i felt asleep(just a nap) because of non-productive environment , they charge me on work negligence and issue me a verbal warning with a letter. Is that fair for me? is that my failure not having a productive work environment and couldn't even gave any task or job? verbal counselling would be still ok with me with but a warning? Anyway its a first time offence.
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KL Siew
09/07/2009 20:34:43
Just be more careful in future that's all and don't let people have the chance fault you. Even if you complain to the Labour Department, it will not be of much help.
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