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09/07/2009 16:09:41
Re: Notice of Resignation

My notice of regisnation is 2 months. And, my maternity leave is 2 months. If I resigned right after delivery, meaning that I serve my 2 month notices during my 2 months maternity leaves, is this true? Do I still entitle to my 2 monhts maternity leave after I resign? Or, do I need to serve 2 months notice again after I come back from my maternity leave? Please advise. Thanks!
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KL Siew
09/07/2009 20:10:48
If your boss allows you to use 2 months maternity leave for your 2 months notice and also agrees to pay you 2 months maternity allowance, then there will be no problem. Otherwise, you may have to give 2 months notice after your maternity leave Clarify with your boss.
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