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08/07/2009 17:15:47
Re: OT

HI, Mr. Siew,

I have a doubt!
In what circumstances an executive who monthly salary exceeds RM1500 is able to claim his/her overtime. Except his/her offer letter and company handbook was stated overtime can be claimed.

Question 1: without stated in their offer letter, company handbook and company practice, an executive over night to rush the paperwork continuously, total working hour is 48, can they claim fot the overtime?

Question 2: If the executive does not overnight, but the total over time for a month is more than 12 hours or 48 hours, is he/she able to claim for overtime.

Healthy regard,
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KL Siew
08/07/2009 18:26:52
To me, all overtime work must be authorized by the superior. You just cannot do it your own way or on your own sweet time and want to claim overtime.
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