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08/07/2009 10:46:50
Re: Part Timer

Hi Mr. Siew,

Part-timer promoter: working hours from 10am - 10pm on saturdays & sundays, lunch break & dinner break given.

Question: Can set the working hours from 10am - 10pm?how many hours time break should be given to them a day legally?contribution to EPF & SOCSO as well? What are the important points to be stated in their offer letter?Please advise. Thanks.
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KL Siew
08/07/2009 11:13:20
You should refer to Section 60A of the EA especially (c) about "spread over period of 10 hours". In your case, from 10 to 10, it comes to 12 hours. Even if you give 4 hours break, there will be 2 hours overtime which you will have to pay. You may not understand what I am trying to say. Better you consult the Labour Office before you put up the offer letter. There should be EPF and SOCSO.

" 60A. Hours of work.

(1) Except as hereinafter provided, an employee shall not be required under his contract of service to work:

(a) more than five consecutive hours without a period of leisure of not less than thirty minutes duration;

(b) more than eight hours in one day;

(c ) in excess of a spread over period of ten hours in one day;

(d) more than forty-eight hours in one week: "
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08/07/2009 11:38:19
Noted. Thank you.
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