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08/07/2009 09:19:23
Re: Socso Leave

Hi, i would like to check with you the the below question:
If let say employee incurred injury/accident in factory, then this worker MC for 1 month, we will report to Socso office. In our company practice is we will pay employee this 1 month salary under socso leave, then after claim back the money from socso, this money is pay to employer. Question1: how many socso leave that we have to give employee under labour law? Question 2: Let say our factory only work from Monday to Friday, and during socso leave, do we need to pay on Sat and Sunday?
Please advise, thank you.
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KL Siew
08/07/2009 11:01:47
1. It is the period the employee certified unfit for work according to the medical certificate.

2. You go according to the MC, don't both about Saturday or Sunday.

You should refer to SOCSO if there is anything you are not clear.
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