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07/07/2009 23:20:09
Re: Resignation

HI, my sister-in-law already submit a resignation letter by giving 1 month notice. After she leave the company for few days, the ex supervisor has called up to ask her to return to office to find out some documents (invoice and payment voucher). She refuse to go back to the office and the ex-supervisor start threathen her to file a report to DI or labuor office and claim she stoled the docs. Should she go back or just don't bother? Seeking for your kind advice in this matter.
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KL Siew
08/07/2009 10:48:31
We don't know the real story behind it, let her decide what to do. Can't really advise.
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09/07/2009 13:06:23
company sy sdh beri sy surat confirmation keje....dlm offer letter...ade tercatat sekiranya pekerja sdh confirm keje...pekerja tersebut perlu beri notis sebulan sekiranya ingin resign....

saya letak sebulan notis resign...dlm ms sebulan tersebut sy tidak hadir selama 5 hari (UPL)...

persoalan nya disini....

1. adakah sy perlu bayar company gaji sebulan... ?

2. sykt tersebut tolak gaji sy 5 hari sebab sy UPL...dan sy rs tindakan sykt tersbt betul...tetapi sy diberitahu...sykt tersbt menolak seminggu gj kerana sy tdk ckup kehadiran dlm sebln tersbt....adakah company tersbt blh berbuat begitu?

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