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07/07/2009 14:23:59
Re: Termination compensation

If a staff have received 3 warning letters from his company, can the company terminate his employment? If so, is he entitle to termination compensation from the company? How is the compensation calculate?
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KL Siew
07/07/2009 15:24:48
You can read about it at
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05/08/2009 12:52:51
Hi, May I check with you. If a staff has been working with us since 1995. He is working as a store assistant and always go on mc everyweek at least one or twice per week. We know that he is buying mc but we can't do anything about it. Now, the company wants to take action to terminate him. Do we have to give 3 warning letter before terminate his service? In our appointment letter, we have written both parties can give each other one month notice to terminate the service. Can we terminate him by compensate him one month salary and for years of service with the company? Should we compensate him according to the number of years of service in the company? please advise me. tq for your help.
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