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23/01/2009 16:57:48
Re: Problems!!

Went to Labour Dept just now, but was told that since my salary is above RM1500, so they cant help me...have to go to it Labour law Dept will not entertain any staff with salary higher that RM1500?

Beside that, as i told you before, my company deduct my salary because they had paid EPF for my mean that actually they are giving me the bonus, but was cancel last minutes due to my do i have the right to fight for the bonus?

Pls advise, thanks.
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KL Siew
23/01/2009 18:29:24
Now you are telling about your resignation. I think you have acted too hastily by putting in your resignation even before the bonus cheque was cleared. Normally, companies would not pay bonus to those who resigned. To me, it is useless to fight for it.
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24/01/2009 09:06:18
Since that is the case..then i will just leave after CNY..
cause they still will deduct my salary for next month....
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KL Siew
24/01/2009 10:18:26
You still have to work through the notice period. Otherwise they may claim indemnity from you. In fact you only lost the bonus. Since the employer's portion of EPF were already put into your EPF account, you don't lose anything if they take it back by deducting your salary.
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