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03/01/2009 22:36:23
Re: refused to pay commission and salary

dear sir,
Im worked at a maid agency for 2 been force to resigned and leave immediately last month (4th of december )after i took 4 days MC( due to operations) .the reason he gave me was cut cost. After discussion,he promised that he will pay me for december salary and settle my commission as well.(October and november) latest by 15th december and i can leave immediately in order to find a new job.
My commission is based on collection.
Now he refused to pay me commission and salary. He wanted me to bear the loss of company. But the case was happened after i resigned. Even i am not awared of it. im really felt like cheated by him.
In this case,
1) do he have the right to refuse to pay me salary(December),
commission (October and November) and allowance(December)?
2) When he suppose to pay me?
3) He told me that Labour office will not eccept my complaint because
i tendered resignation letter to him and he have the right to deduct
my salary and commission. If so what should i do?
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KL Siew
04/01/2009 09:19:31
Your case does not look good if you really resigned. Anyway, you may approach the Labour Department see whether they can help you in any way.
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05/01/2009 12:25:22
my company every month is deduct my EPF from my salary, but i go to KWSP check it, i found out they didnt sublmit the EPF. if i report it. there is good way for me?
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KL Siew
05/01/2009 12:36:33
It could be that EPF has not updated their records yet. The best way is to ask your own office about the remission or your colleagues first you make any complaint to the EPF.
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05/01/2009 12:41:31
no, is they didnt pay me 7 month already, and as i know, EPF side keep calling them, them keep inoge the call. if next 2 month they still not submit, should i report? i need anything ? if i payslip, without company chop or singature, how? becos my company only print out for us to sign. Thanks
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05/01/2009 12:42:21
they hv pay my 1 colleagues fe month only.
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