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02/07/2009 01:09:36
Re: didn't sign offer letter, am i bound ?

i applied as a full time worker at retail shop.

i started workin on 14 june 2009, and under 3 month probation .

end of month i got my pay.

on the same day i got my pay , i got my offer letter dated 14 june 2009. must be the mail guy slow or wat lar..

offer letter says if i don sign after 7 days, the offer will lapse.

i asked the HR dept, they say dunit to sign because i already started working.


1. so am i bound by the terms and conditions of the offer letter since i didn't sign, but started working?

2. technically, when does all those notice (resignation, confirmation etc) take effect? at the time of writing, or at the time the person receive the letter?
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KL Siew
02/07/2009 09:01:38
Yes, all the terms and conditions are applicable since you have already started working, which implies you have accepted.
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