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02/07/2009 00:19:22
Re: Help. Manager refused to approve my annual leave when I tender my resignation

I resigned 1 July 2009 (1 month noticed according to the company's policy)
According to HR system, I have 5.84 days of Annual Leave plus 6 days of Unrecorded Leave.
My boss said he will approve my 6 days Unrecorded Leave but will Not approved my 5.84 days of Annual Leave because he wanted me to stay that few days to guide the new person. He wanted to offself the Annual Leave with cash payment which I disagreed to.
I've told him I'm entitled to my Annual Leave but he refused to approve my Annual Leave, and without my agreement he wrote to HR asking them to pay me the cash. The HR here seems to side his decision as well. They said it is according to the company's policy.
Please tell me if I can get help from Labor Law to take my Annual Leave that I've earned. Do they have the rights to offset my leave with cash payment without my agreement?
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KL Siew
02/07/2009 08:57:47
Since your service is required, they can refuse to approve your leave and choose to pay you. Refer the Labour Office if necessary.
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02/07/2009 15:44:16
Thanks for your advise KL Siew,
I called the labor office today and the person said that my boss have to rights to do so? Can i seek for alternate advise?
Can you help me by providing me the contact number for labor law office in Penang Island please?
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KL Siew
02/07/2009 15:57:06
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