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01/07/2009 18:05:45
Re: RE: Resignation

Hi, i have resign and sent the resignation letter(1 month notice)to my company on 5may. My boss let me go early on 17may rather than 5 June. The salary given to me is 1month salary. i start work on 17/8/2007. annual leave per year is 14days bring forward is 5days. which mean if i did not resign from work i will have 19days annual leave in year 2009. i have use 9 1/2 day annual leave.

Is the company calculate the right slary for me.
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KL Siew
01/07/2009 19:35:49
You can ask your boss to pay you for the balance of annual leave.
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01/07/2009 22:39:11
I resigned 1 July 2009 (1 month noticed according to the company's policy)
According to HR system, I have 5.84 days of Annual Leave plus 6 days of Unrecorded Leave.
My boss said he will approve my 6 days Unrecorded Leave but will Not approved my 5.84 days of Annual Leave because he wanted me to stay that few days to guide the new person. He wanted to offself the Annual Leave with cash payment which I disagreed to.
I've told him I'm entitled to my Annual Leave but he refused to approve my Annual Leave, and without my agreement he wrote to HR asking them to pay me the cash. The HR here seems to side his decision as well. They said it is according to the company's policy.
Please tell me if I can get help from Labor Law to take my Annual Leave that I've earned.
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02/07/2009 08:49:28
Thank you for the reply. KL Siew.

But i still confuse with it. My boss pay me full salary for month of may. should their pay for the balance of annual leave. May i know the calculation please.....
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14/07/2009 00:01:03
I've tendered resignation giving 2 months notice. However, during the period at which i was serving the notice, i've been humiliated ill treated by my superior on personal revenge. I find it unbearable and hence left the company on 24 hour basis only after serving 7 days notice. How can i come about it if the company take action?
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30/07/2009 12:41:41
My friend is in maternity leave form 1/7/09 to 30/8/09 and has actually submit the resignation letter to her employer stating that she will resign effective from 1st Sept, 2009.. She need to serve 1 month notice. The issue is her boss does not want to pay her for month of it lawful?
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