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01/07/2009 17:42:43
Re: sick leave and hospitalisation

Something was confusing me. Sick leave for employee who work less than 2 years is 14days, while hospitalisation is 60days. So if the employee taken 9 days sick leave(medical leave), the balance of sick leave is 5 days and hospitalisation is still 60days. Am i correct??
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01/07/2009 18:10:31
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KL Siew
01/07/2009 19:00:34
Both Ling and Stephanie. That's not correct. The total, sick leave and hospitalisation shall only come to 60 days. See the proviso of section 60F of the Employment Act quoted below:

"...Provided that the total number of days of paid sick leave in a calendar year which an employee is entitled to under this section shall be sixty days in the aggregate."
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