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01/07/2009 14:11:25
Re: Prorated bonus upon Resignation

In company D, I have contractual bonus of 1 month (mentioned employment letter).
I serve the company for 2 months then resign, it paid the contractual bonus with prorated rate. That's perfect!

In company T, I have contractual bonus of 1.5 months (mentioned in employment letter too). 0.5 pay on June and 1.0 pay on Dec.
I resign at June. HR tell me that I only eligible for June 0.5 month bonus and not eligible for Dec 1.0 month bonus.

Is company T doing it legally?
Please advise...
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KL Siew
01/07/2009 15:27:33
You mean you want your Dec 09 bonus when you resigned in June 09? If that's the case, no way as I see it.
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